Introducing Provanil® – the natural alternative to vanillin and ethylvanillin, specifically designed for fat-rich products like chocolate and biscuits. Provanil® contains an oleoresin coating, providing better temperature resistance and solubility than standard vanillin, ensuring stable flavor profiles in challenging manufacturing conditions. Try Provanil® for a delectable, high-performing flavor option.

Cocoa Extracts 

Our high-yield extraction technologies produce concentrated cocoa extracts that provide the desired rich chocolate flavor and overcome common challenges in baked goods. Replace some of your traditional cocoa powder with PROVA’s extracts and flavors to enhance taste and functionality.


nut flavors

We understand that incorporating nuts into baked goods can be problematic due to allergens. With our range of natural flavors, you can add delicious flavor to your bakery products without altering the texture or worrying about nut allergens.