Our range of indulgent notes replicates the most decadent tastes. Bring the rich flavors of desserts, such as tiramisu, apple pie, and brownie to your products. Whatever the application, from ice creams to cookies, and chocolates to teas, we offer you an inspirational creative pallet to choose from. 



through taste

The local taste for one could be an exotic taste for another. We have called on our flavorists and application technicians to develop flavors from the traditional tastes of different cultures including, Taro, Lucuma, Pumpkin Spice, and Croissants… our worldly tastes will meet your needs while being an inspiration for travel! 


& barista

Our alcohol-themed flavors include rum, whisky, vodka, amaretto, and more… allowing you to make delicious “alcohol-free”-flavored creations. Create rum-flavored babas, pina colada-flavored mocktails, or whiskey-flavored chocolate truffles, without alcohol! Next, explore the world of coffee shops with our barista-inspired range. Bring your favorite coffee drinks into applications other than your traditional cup of coffee! 



& candy

Honey is in high demand by consumers, and can be difficult to use because it has properties that change texture from the caramelization cooking process. We offer a range of vegan honey-flavored flavors for all your products, from chocolate to ice cream, in liquid and powder forms.  We offer a wide range of candy shop-inspired flavors that are sure to bring nostalgia and indulgence to all your products. 



& spices

Looking to try something creative but flavors struggling to shine through due to low organoleptic intensity or texture? Perhaps you are looking to create a Green Tea flavored creme brulee or Chai Massala Earl Gray flavored chocolate? PROVA’s flavors provide the boost of flavor you are looking for in these creations, while eliminating common problems.