Our vanilla is specifically tailored for the dairy industry, with solubility, concentration, and aromatic profiles that ensure you’ll find the perfect vanilla to become your product’s signature flavor. With vanilla sourced from Madagascar to Papua New Guinea, offering woody to more rum-like notes, our vanilla will provide roundness and indulgence to your product.

Natural extracts and flavors

organic and sustainable


PROVA has been dedicated to offering a range of extracts, including vanilla, cocoa, coffee, and natural flavors like coconut, caramel, and hazelnut since 1996. Our extracts are certified organic, Fairtrade, or RFA, reflecting our commitment to sustainable development. To further this commitment, PROVA has developed its own program for sustainable and socially responsible vanilla production in Madagascar.

Cocoa extracts & flavors

When cocoa powder is added to dairy products, sedimentation can be a technical problem. Our cocoa extracts and flavors are designed to overcome this issue, with solubility adapted for low dosages. Our extracts also provide a distinct aromatic signature to your products while preserving the authentic taste of chocolate.




Our buffered coffee extracts are pH-adjusted specifically for dairy applications. When coffee is added to a milk-based preparation, the acidity of the coffee can negatively impact the texture. Our flavor solutions prevent this issue.