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Unlock the full potential of cocoa with PROVA’s Cocoa Extracts, derived from the cacao bean. Renowned for its rich and complex flavor profile, our cocoa extract is a versatile ingredient that enhances the taste and aroma of desserts, beverages, and savory dishes.

Unlike traditional cocoa powder, PROVA’s cocoa extracts overcomes technical challenges, providing an authentic chocolate taste without issues like sedimentation in drinks or increased drying properties in baked goods. Offering solubility adapted to each market, you can elevate your products with the indulgent and innovative solutions offered by PROVA’s cocoa extract


Natural Chocolate Flavors

Looking to create a product with a signature chocolate taste?  As a leader in natural chocolate flavoring, PROVA’s natural cocoa flavors provide a variety of chocolate flavor profiles including cocoa, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and more.

Chocolate flavorings transcend chocolate notes into beloved experiences, adding complexity and depth, making the ordinary extraordinary.


Chocolate Flavors

for Compounds

PROVA offers a number of economical alternatives to boost chocolate flavor notes in your compounds. These flavors make it possible to reinforce chocolate notes while easily blending into your product. 

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