A real alternative to vanillin and ethylvanillin and available in a natural version. Provanil® is dedicated to products rich in fat such as chocolate and biscuits. Thanks to its unique technology and coating of oleoresin, Provanil® provides an ideal solution to chocolates over traditional vanillin.

Vanilla extract

on cocoa butter

A unique product dedicated to the chocolate industry that testifies to the complex use of vanilla in this industry. It allows to easily incorporate the vanilla extract, with a very fast and homogeneous solubility. Cocoa butter already being part of the composition, it does not change the texture of the chocolate, and has the advantage of being sugar-free.


Extracts & flavors

We offer a wide range of extracts and flavors, with a solubility compatible with chocolate making. From vanilla to coffee, rum to hazelnut, we offer a wide range of indulgent notes that blend perfectly with the flavor profiles of chocolate.

Chocolate flavors

for Compounds

We offer economical alternatives to boost chocolate notes
in your compounds. These flavors make it possible to reinforce the variety of chocolate notes at a low dosage to easily blend into your product.


Our extracts & flavors

tailored to your needs