Enjoy the ultimate indulgence of comforting tastes with PROVA’s rich extracts and flavors. Our products are designed to enhance a wide variety of bakery offerings such as toppings, bases, fillings, inclusions, and more, giving you endless possibilities to create truly delicious treats that your customers will love.

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Experience a new level of deliciousness in your favorite drinks with PROVA’s sweet brown flavors, which are available in a variety of beverage options, including syrups, hot drinks, flavored milk, and alcoholic beverages.

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Whether you’re making chocolate bars, truffles, or any other chocolate treat, make your chocolate products stand out with the help of PROVA’s extracts and flavors, which are expertly crafted to bring creativity, dynamism, and of course, great taste to every bite.

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As the dairy industry evolves and new requirements emerge, don’t let flavor be a hurdle. At PROVA, we have the expertise to help you create great-tasting products that meet any challenge, from sugar reduction to lactose intolerance.

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Ice Cream & Novelty Bars

Ice cream and novelty bars are perennial favorites, but staying on top of the latest flavor trends can be a challenge. At PROVA, we offer a range of flavor solutions ideal for frozen treats. Discover how our expertise can help keep your products ahead of the curve.

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Nutrition is important, but so is taste. With PROVA’s range of extracts and flavors, you don’t have to choose between the two. We offer a variety of solutions that can help you achieve desired nutritional benefits like added protein, increased fiber, reduced sugar, and sugar-free options, all without compromising on flavor or texture.

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Plant-based products are gaining popularity due to their healthy, functional, and environmentally friendly properties. From sweet treats to savory snacks, PROVA’s extracts and flavors are specially crafted to enhance these plant-based applications and overcome challenges specific to their base, ensuring both great taste and functionality.

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As the snacking industry continues to expand, consumers are constantly on the lookout for flavorful options to satisfy their cravings, whether it’s sweet treats or crunchy nutritional snacks.


Pair your sweets with our playful and imaginative flavors and experience the world of confectioneries.

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At PROVA Gourmet, we understand pastry chefs, restaurateurs, and distributors. That’s why we’ve created a line of expertly crafted extracts and flavors to enhance your artisanal creations. Discover more about PROVA Gourmet today.

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