Maintain your chocolate taste with our cocoa solutions.

As your trusted extract and flavor partner, it is essential to provide you with information and solutions regarding the cocoa market’s impact on cost & flavor. As cocoa prices continue to rise, due to persistent challenges with supply and demand to above +150%*, we understand solutions are needed to continue offering you the best flavor for your product.

Reduce your use of cocoa powder by up to 30%!

PROVA’s Cocoa Enhancers include a range of cocoa and chocolate flavors that deliver rich, chocolate taste with added benefits including…

– Stronger than traditional cocoa powder
– Increases moistness in your baked goods
– Dissolves more easily in liquids
– Aids in mouthfeel
– Better heat resistance

Keep the chocolate taste you desire.

*price of cocoa on the market as of March 22, 2024

Specific solutions designed for your WORLD!

Heat resistance qualities and the ability to maintain texture by reducing dry matter from traditional cocoa powder.

Solubilities for a range of products from sweet sauces to chocolate compounds. 

Enhance the mouthfeel with less sedimentation by reducing the grainy texture cocoa powder can bring. 

Incorporate rich chocolate flavor smoothly with better solubility than cocoa powder. 

Meet consumer preferences with our flavors.