Explore March’s most popular pint
in FLAVOR form!

Known for its deep, robust flavor, stout beer is a top choice among beer enthusiasts during March, particularly around St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Add your signature spin!

Develop products to build off of stout beer’s natural chocolate notes using PROVA’s sweet brown flavor range.

Use complimentary notes of caramel and vanilla to bring out additional sweet notes. Or, include a coffee extract or barista-inspired flavor to build on stout beer’s roasted coffee notes. One of our favorite flavor combos is a “Chocolate Stout Flavor” created by adding chocolate notes from our cocoa range to our Natural Stout Beer Type Flavor!

Create with PROVA’s Natural Stout Beer Type Flavors and enjoy a flavor combination your customers will be lucky to enjoy.

Create your next delicious flavor combination.

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