“Cafe-ube”, can you dig it?

The trendy ube latte has found its way out of its coffee cup and into PROVA’s unique flavor.
Taste our “Cafe-ube” flavor profile in PROVA’s Natural Ube Latte Type Flavor. Enjoy roasted coffee notes with the sweet, starchy, nutty, vanilla undertones of ube to your next application.

The trending taste of ube.

Ube flavors are on the rise! According to Datassentials, ube is continuing to be adopted into US menus and is predicted to rise +154% over the next 4 years.1

Supporting Datassentials’ current growth prediction, a year ago Forbes predicted ube to be the “purple-promise for global foodies in 2023”.2 As global flavors continue to rise so does the eye-catching purple tubular,  making its way into more and more applications.

Taste the trends and try PROVA’s Natural Ube Latte Flavor.

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2. https://www.forbes.com/sites/daphneewingchow/2022/11/30/ube–the-uber-ingredient-of-2023/?sh=34b90b902664