Native to the rainforests of Equatorial America, dating back to the time of the Mayan empire, it was not until the early 16th century that cocoa was introduced into the royal courts of Europe.

Today, chocolate is among the top three most sought after flavors around the world.

Our Source
Our cocoa beans come from West Africa, mainly the Ivory Coast and Ghana, and are processed into concentrated aromatic extracts.

A cocoa extraction expert since 1985, PROVA continues to explore new possibilities in chocolate, improving and expanding our portfolio of products, offering cocoa extracts of exceptional quality.


We offer a wide variety of chocolate notes: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, pink chocolate, and blond chocolate –- providing pairing opportunities with notes of toffee, hazelnut, and vanilla. PROVA cocoa extracts deliver exceptional quality and formulation benefits:

POWERFUL CHOCOLATE TASTE: Our unique high-yield technologies allow us to produce concentrated extracts.

MORE INDULGENT THAN COCOA POWDER: Our cocoa extracts and flavors offer a rich, indulgent chocolate profile compared to normal cocoa powder. By adding cocoa extract, customers can often reduce dry matter in a formulation, while delivering a powerful chocolate indulgent taste.

Ideal in bakery, cereal products, dairy, alt-dairy foods and beverages, confectionery, nutritional bars, and beverages.

Improving the Chocolate Note
Many of our cocoa flavors contain cocoa extract, delivering a powerful and authentic taste of chocolate.

Increased Functionality
By reducing the amount of cocoa powder required, our customers find that their products offer better flavor consistency. Less dry matter may also enhance the mouthfeel and extend the shelf life of certain products.