It was in Ethiopia that the Arabica coffee species was born 800 years ago. Coffee then spread to other parts of the world, taking on a unique, local aroma, differentiating to the main varieties of Arabica and Robusta. Coffee is not only a drink, but also a food. More on the origins of PROVA’s coffee

PROVA offers one of the richest coffee portfolios on the market. Our coffee beans come from producing countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

In 1990, PROVA began coffee extraction, creating a product line of coffee extracts and flavors rich in aroma and flavor authentic to specific geographic regions as well as pure origins and blends.


All the richness of the coffee taste is represented in our portfolio, along with technical features.

VARIETIES: Arabica, Robusta, along with blends.

ORIGINS: Columbia, Brazil, and Ethiopia.

RECIPES: Cappuccino, Espresso, Mocha, Latte Macchiato, and Cold Brew variations.

COFFEE FLAVOR PALATE: Customizing for each market, we can meet the label requirements necessary to meet your needs. (Natural, WONF, N&A and Artificial)

COLD BREW COFFEE: Authentic Cold Brew taste with the added benefit of being shelf stable.

HIGH CONCENTRATION & EASE OF USE: The liquid form allows instant dispersion into various formulas. Our coffee portfolio is available in both liquid and powder forms.

LIQUID AND OIL SOLUBLE: Our water-soluble version is perfect for beverages and mixed food products. Choose milk soluble for dairy- and alt-dairy applications. Our oil-soluble product is perfect for nutritional, chocolate and confectionery applications.