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 Ensuring a positive impact through our sustainable vanilla program. 

For over a decade, PROVA has promoted greater responsibility for the vanilla industry in Madagascar, the birthplace of the “Queen of Spices”. We expanded this commitment in 2022 with the exciting introduction of Care&Act Vanilla, a new sustainable initiative in the southeast area of Sava, the vanilla-growing region.

“We believe firmly in the need to build strong and supportive partnerships, both upstream and downstream in our value chain. That’s why we created this newsletter, “The Vanilla Chronicles”. Its purpose is to share with you not only the challenges on the ground in Madagascar, but also our progress.

Why? Because it’s information that enables action. “Taking care and acting” on the ground means that we are able to offer you responsibly sourced vanilla beans, extracts, and flavors that offer unique tastes. We hope to engage with you on this journey!

By choosing PROVA’s sustainable vanilla range or by joining the program alongside us, we can cultivate the taste of a better world.”

Muriel ACAT – Président

Review our first of the Vanilla Chronicles, outlining details from
our 2023 Care&Act Vanilla initiatives.

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